Month: October 2017

DMA auf der DockerCon Europe 2017

Die DockerCon ist die weltgrößte Industriekonferenz für Hersteller und Betreiber von containerbasierten Applikationen der nächsten Generation.

Data Market Austria – a yearly update

by Mihai Lupu We are now approaching the first anniversary, and it is time to take a look back and see all that has happened over the past year. From the onset, I can say that it is thoroughly exciting to be part of this effort and I admire all our partners for their work… Read more »

Information Professionals in the Spotlight: The Information Management Survey 2017/2018

Taxonomists, knowledge engineers, information architects and data scientists – all these professionals are driving the development of smart applications. In the best case they work together by complementing each other’s skill-set. However, in practice those various stakeholders are not fully aware what other experts are working on or how it could fit together with one’s… Read more »

Techniques to Facilitate the Brokerage

The heart and soul of DMA will be the lively interactions of dataset and service providers in combination with their customers. With an increasing number of different offers available on DMA, it will be progressively difficult for customers and providers to find the partners and offers they are looking for. WP7 will offer a recommendation service as… Read more »

The DMA Data Pipelines

The recently published reports “Data Technology Specification and Development Roadmap” and “DMA Blockchain Design” are preparing ground for the conceptual basis of the DMA. Following this first development steps were undertaken, beginning with the creation of user stories up to the deployment of components in cloud environments. Technologies for data sharing, blockchain, cloud deployment and… Read more »

The DMA Mobility Pilots

by Bernhard Niedermayer For the DMA Mobility Pilots, the first months of the DMA project were focused on requirements definition and data acquisition. The objective is to develop two pilots in the mobility domain as showcases on how the DMA platform can be used to created novel data products and services based upon existing data.

DMAs rechtliche Perspektive: Datenschutz, Geistiges Eigentum und der Wunsch, „alles möge ‚opencommons‘ sein“

Von Bettina Rinnerbauer, Philipp Homar Aus bisherigen Erhebungen ergaben sich vielgestaltige Anforderungen an den DMA, vor allem in wirtschaftlicher Hinsicht. Unter anderem wurde der Wunsch geäußert, dass sämtliche Inhalte offen zugänglich sein sollten. Damit im Widerspruch steht die Intention der TeilnehmerInnen des DMA, den DMA in ihre Geschäftsmodelle miteinzubeziehen. Vorstellungen und Wünsche ausgewählter Stakeholder stellten insbesondere… Read more »