Christoph Reimer

Operations Manager bei EODC GmbH

    • Data Stewards
    • Erdbeobachtung


Christoph Reimer is responsible for the operations management at the Earth Observation Data Centre (EODC) GmbH. His background is in geodesy and geophysics with an emphasis on active microwave remote sensing. In various national and European projects he gathered experience in the vast evolving field of Earth Observation (EO). He was part of the TU Wien software development team, implementing soil moisture algorithms for space-borne active microwave instruments as flown on the European space missions Sentinel-1 and MetOp operated by ESA and EUMETSAT. His main responsibility was the development of radiometric calibration methodologies of active microwave instruments, the enhancement of soil moisture retrieval algorithms and the creation of a soil moisture climate data records. Since November 2016 he is with the EODC GmbH focusing on the implementation of operational processing services and frameworks for EO applications.