Michela Vignoli

Scientist bei AIT Austrian Institute of Technology


Michela Vignoli is Scientist and Open Science expert at AIT Austrian Institute of Technology. Her focus of interest lays on knowledge management in the digital era and on how to foster the transition of the current science system to a more Open Science. In the H2020 project OpenUP she contributes to researching novel ways of scholarly communication beyond traditional research channels and alternative peer review methodologies. In 2016 she was nominated member of the EU high-level advisory group Open Science Policy Platform. As board member of the YEAR Network (Young European Associated Researchers) Michela considerably contributed to consultation activities with the European Commission and to the organisation of YEAR events. At AIT she contributed, among other, to various digital preservation and data science research projects (e.g. SCAPE, BITCRIME, e-Infrastructures Austria, Europeana Sounds).