It’s the final countdown

The plenary meeting took place from 2 to 4 October 2018 with the project partner Siemens AG hosting the meeting in Vienna.


After a warm welcoming note by the host, a short overview of the status quo of the project was presented not without looking back to recent achievables and looking out to next steps. As it is already tradition, Mihai Lupu chose a theme for the plenary and this time it is the final countdown (with acoustic effects :-). All work package (WP) leaders outlined work done and issues to be clarified or where they wish for project partners’ input. Some work package leaders also added specific goals for the plenary. All agreed to join forces in order to reach best the common project goals.  


Attention was drawn to the next events and communication measures with the encouragement that it was still possible to engage in the team responsible for each event (wp2-session). Recently finished deliverables (D3.4) and ongoing tasks like sustainability and growth were pointed to. The presentation of the technology foundation included an update on the blockchain and on contract management. Architecture, semantic layer, deployment and tests, previews, metadata editor and developed services were focused with one of them being a service for forest change monitoring with Sentinel-2 time series analysis. Integration topics were presented together with the status of the platform. The value of a future DMA became evident through the experiences of project pilots, where a remarkable amount of time was spent with negotiations and signing contracts with the goal of receiving data. A demo was showed on the customizable taxi demand heatmap including various events in the prediction and the developments concernig the earth observation pilot were presented.  


The work package leaders have mentioned the focus of the sessions dedicated to their work package. Amongst others, cross-work package- working groups will meet and ad hoc discussion groups are expected. The DMA is still being shaped and refined. Do you want to keep track of the developments? Become associated partner of the DMA