EuDEco: A H2020 project to describe the European data economy

EuDEco researches the relations among the actors in the data economy and take a look at the milieu that impacts the possibilities of the actors which can be individuals and organizations. The understanding of the relations provides the foundation for the analysis and development of use cases, business models and value networks as well as for the derivation of recommendations for promoting data reuse and laying the ground for a self-sustaining data economy in Europe.

In the course of the project barriers of data reuse have already been investigated from legal, socio-economic and technological aspects. Several relevant barriers have been identified by the EuDEco team and already introduced in EuDEco reports and in the draft EuDEco model of the European data economy.

To obtain a comprehensive picture of the situation of data reuse in Europe, a survey was published recently by EuDEco to get  first-hand experience from  actors that

  • makes own data available to third parties (data provider),
  • makes third-party data available to third parties (data intermediary),
  • uses third-party data (data user) and/or
  • provides third parties with data-related tools or services (technology provider)

As the EuDEco project research on the basic models of data economy in Europe, their finding are also highly relevant to initiative like the Austrian Data Market project. So this is why we want to encourage you to take part in the EuDEco survey!

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