Information Professionals in the Spotlight: The Information Management Survey 2017/2018

Taxonomists, knowledge engineers, information architects and data scientists – all these professionals are driving the development of smart applications. In the best case they work together by complementing each other’s skill-set. However, in practice those various stakeholders are not fully aware what other experts are working on or how it could fit together with one’s own efforts. Information professionals are also under pressure by the rise of new technologies and accelerating demand for smart applications. Shaping the next generation of technology is exciting, but could be much easier if the highly collaborative and interdependent work environment would be more transparent.

Leading information management organizations have joined forces and launched the Global Information Management Survey – All about Taxonomies and Ontologies.

Semantic Web Company, Enterprise Knowledge and Mekon are the core of information management products and services and want to shed some light on current trends and challenges in the data-driven technology business. Until now, similar surveys were almost exclusively driven by theoretical considerations. This questionnaire is oriented towards practitioners. Survey participants will receive a report on the survey results end of the year.

  • You will get to know:
  • How information management differentiates in various industries
  • Which methods & tools are used
  • Which organizational limitations interfere with successful project roll-outs
  • Which skill-sets information professionals need
  • How technology trends are already changing business information management

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